Labour Attributes of Demand in Service Industries in Thailand
Title:      Labour Attributes of Demand in Service Industries in Thailand
Categories:      Volume 13 Number 2 (july 2019
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Authors:      Sakchai Naknok
ISBN-10(13):      ISSN 1906 - 2540
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This research aims to investigate the labour attributes of demand in the service industry in
Thailand. Conjoint analysis by a specific questionnaire (Carding-Type Survey) was designed
for the study. In this study, 201 individual recruiters in service companies participated in the
survey. The sample was selected from both small and large organizations covering Bangkok
and major urban areas in Thailand. All the respondents were recruiters in service companies
working in human resources, public relations departments, or general administration. The results
found that the highest attributes (highest total utility) regarded by recruiters from companies in
service industries in Thailand were being male, having a functional skill, problem solving,
a higher degree and good human relation. The results are useful for human resource development
agencies in order to prepare skill sets to meet needs in labor market which thereafter reduce
problems occurring from labor market mismatches.

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